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➜ DANCE LAB Choreographic ARTIST Residency and Open Performance | PledgeMe

Hola Amigos! I have been selected as one of 5 dancers to be a part of this residency for the upcoming Body Festival in 3 weeks in my hometown of Christchurch. If you could please spare anything from $5 up we would be ever so grateful. This allows us to keep creating art and be paid to do our passions and share this with the world! You can read more about it in the link above. Many thanks kind humans, Nic xxx

It’s a funny thing which people pop into and out of your life. Sometimes it’s only for but a few minutes, a chance connection. And the fact that you’ll probably never see them again is ok because the fact that it was fleeting makes it quite beautiful. The length of time someone is in your life is often quite irrelevant because it really doesn’t determine how much of an impact they’ll have or how much you’ll remember them.

We popped a gopro on my lil foot and made a dance film!

We popped a gopro on my lil foot and made a dance film!

Dancing in the studio with Clint Peloso

Dancing in the studio with Clint Peloso

I’m sitting in front of the heater with a cup of packet tomato soup because I’ve been cold all day long at work, and let me tell you that this is one of those moment where you sink further into your already slouched position and think oh boy im just so comfortable and warm and satisfied. Life is good.

Avalanche Peak, West Coast NZ

mid winter at Half Moon Bay with

an afternoon with x

an afternoon with x

Improv to the Dead C

Had a boogie in the studio a couple of months ago. Gets a bit batshit towards to end :-/

Anonymous: You should keep writing. I've always loved reading what you have to say and find it none of those things you said, but simply insightful, inspiring and thought-provoking. Don't let others, or their opinions, stop you from doing something that you love, and are good at it. Your words do far more good, than harm, and the beauty is that they don't have to be read.

I can’t figure out who this is, but thank you. I’ll start putting the pen to paper again, even if it is just to make some sense out of what’s knockin’ round in that brain.

Thanks kind stranger x

Anonymous: Where and what the bloody hell are yoou up to Collie

Who the bloody hell are ya? Lara Bingle! I’m workin’ 4 jobs saving to get on a plane

I’m at the point now where I’m trying to figure out if dancing is a feasible way of life. 

Sometimes there is nothing more that I want than a crystal ball. When I start looking too far ahead I get scared that I’ll fail. Scared that I’ll lose things I love and that I’ll opt for the greener grass but never quite be satisfied when I get there.

I don’t feel like making choices between things you should never have to choose between. Without elaborating any more, that’s how I feel.

Anonymous: You are so beautiful! It blows my mind that girls like you exist!!! Kik me! :) ilovebbing

Ahah thanks that’s really noiiiice! I have no idea what kik is so I won’t be doing that, but thanks for the love nonetheless.

congrats on finishing your BA Dance Nicola.

Its ed.